I AM....all that I AM 

After a near death experience, I became fully committed to transforming the darkness to the light. I have dedicated my life to healing my soul and being of service to others. I am truly humbled and honored to be here experiencing life in human form, once more. I was urged to create Elm Tree Wellness in February 2020 as an outlet for my creations and contributions to humanity. 

As an herbal alchemist, I launched a skin care line to provide high vibe organic and vegan bath and body products to those seeking a deeper connection with everything that comes into contact with the body. As a Reiki Master, I infuse the power of Reiki into each batch to amplify and expand the energetic availability of each product. 

I also offer sessions for those interested in diving deeper into their life purpose and exploring the meaning of it all. I am an Akashic Records Consultant and provide space for someone to ask questions and receive answers directly from their own individual Akashic Record. Putting my Master's in Social Work to use, I also provide Wellness Coaching sessions to support and promote change and transformation towards achieving one's highest destiny. 

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