Forest Blend Body Butter


Special Blends use all organic herbs and oils to provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals to your skin, all while smelling delish. Forest Blend offers a woodsy aroma with Cypress, Cedar and Pine - creating a grounded, masculine vibe. It has an uplifting element, too, which is not surprising considering it has St. Johns Wort and Sage in it! A touch of castor oil to moisturize and ease inflammation in the joints - this works great as a foot rub.

Comes in 4oz glass jar with wooden application wand.

Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas.

All Organic Ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, sage infused almond oil, st. johns wort infused almond oil, jojoba butter, castor oil, pine e.o., sage e.o., cedar e.o., cypress e.o., vetiver e.o. (e.o. stands for essential oil)

These statements have not been approved by the FDA. These products have been created from my deep love and appreciation for plants and herbs and my personal experience of healing my own skin through using these natural, organic products. It is suggested to test a small area of skin before application and discontinue use if any allergy or uncomfortableness occurs. Elm Tree Wellness is not responsible for any adverse effects thought to be caused from use of these products. By purchasing an item you are agreeing to these terms. Thank you and many blessings! Enjoy!

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I am obsessed with how this stuff smells! Highly recommend!

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